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Gosenschenke Leipzig
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What is GoseOld Leipzig pub & restaurant in a historic outfit

Gose is a slightly sourish top-fermented wheat beer. In addition to the usual ingredients for German beer (water, hops, malt, yeast) it contains a little salt, coriander and lactic acid. The recipe is around 1000 years old. Gose was first brewed in Goslar in the Harz Mountains and is named after the river “Gose” running through it where the water for the beer was taken from. Around 1738 it came to Leipzig and became THE LEIPZIG BEER of its time. Around 90% of all beer being drunk back then was Gose, only 10% was Lager. Even scholar Goethe drank Gose on a regular basis.

 What is Gose?

How to drink Gose?

  • pure (of course)
  • with raspberry-sirup (that is the "Red-Parasol”)
  • with Woodruff sirup (that is the “Green-Parasol”)
  • with a caraway liqueur–the “Allasch” (that is the “Umbrella”)
  • with a cherry liqueur (that is called “female-friendly”)
  • with Blue Curaçao (called “Green Angel”)
  • with different juices, e.g. banana, , mango, pears etc.

Gose is not only easily digestible, isotonic, stimulating and sparkling as Champagne, but is also said to help strengthen one’s potency. The latter one is only rumours though…