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Gosenschenke Leipzig
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Gosenschenke Biergarten


Historical Tavern

The heart of the tavern “Ohne Bedenken” is the historic lounge and restaurant, the so-called “Biedermeier-lounge”. Founded in 1899, it was opened as “done” in 1905. When the Gose ran dry in the 1950s, the lounge was closed down as well. But then it was re-opened by the “Gose-verterans” L. Goldhahn and Dr. H. Hennebach, who together brought it back to its original greatness and ran it again as of around 1900. It once again is a cosy bar-parlour, completely outfitted with wooden panels, heaving the charm of the 1900s with original-like seats, tables and wooden benches as well as a unique vaulted ceiling. Upon events the middle of the room becomes a cabaret-stage, right where the old tiled stove used to be. Another eye catcher is the portrait of Michail Gorbatschow, which, against all resistance, finds its place here since 1986. Please be advised that for private functions or for parties it is only reserved for you with an according contractional minimum sales limit.

Those who like it rustic and traditional come to the right place in the Gosenschenke “Ohne Bedenken” Since 1899 the Gohlis-tavern is a place for an audience that could not be any more colourful: artists, students, families, politicians, celebrities and tourists alike. All of them were pulled towards it from time immortal. The lounge and parlours are heartly enjoyed, what already tasted good to Leipzig celebrities such as the architect Hugo Licht in 1905: Gose – the slightly sour, top-fermented beer, that was brewed first about 100 years ago in Goslar in the Harz Mountains and came to Leipzig in the 18th century. The taverns first waiter Karl Schmidt around 1900 always answered the question, whether this pig-swill was drinkable or not, with “Ohne Bedenken – Without Concern”, what gave the tavern its name ever since.

Rustical Beercellar

Our rustical beer-cellar hosts 30-40 guests. Here you can experience cosy nights with cool drinks, hot music and lots of art on the walls. The beer-cellar is also our designated smoking area.


Our Club-room is suitable for all kinds of events of your choice. Upon reservation we prepare 20-35 seats in here for you. Countless clubs, associations, student societies and fraternities hold their meetings here.