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Gosenschenke Leipzig
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Specialities From Cajeri's Menu of 1905

(Carl Cajeri was the first innkeeper of the Gosenschenke from 1899 to 1922)

pickled Camembert, bread with lard and gherkin2 (with sweetener)

€ 6.90

Homemade Onion Cake
with pepper sauce, salad garnish

€ 8.50

Baked Camembert
baked in Gose-Beer pastra, salad, baguette

€ 8.50

Homemade Meat Jelly (seasoned with Gose)
with fried potatoes and homemade remoulade (with sweetener) 1,2,3 or vinegar and oil

€ 10.50

Thuringian grilled Steak
neck steak with roasted onions and fried potatoes

€ 11.50

Leipziger Spatz
mini knuckle of pork without fat, Sauerkraut and boiled potatoes

€ 11.50

Pork Steak »Cajeri´s Darling«
with hot liver sausage 2, 3, 4, vegetables and fried potatoes

€ 14.50

Gose-Braised Beef (larded roast beef 2, 3, 4)
with apple flavoured red cabbage and two potato dumplings (sulphurised)

€ 14.90

Grilled Knuckle of Pork
about 800 g, with Sauerkraut and potatoes, with horseradish 3,and mustard

€ 15.50

“Gosewirts”- Teller
half knuckle, roast beef slice, slice of meatloaf, Red- & White cabbage, Pretzel & Dumplings

€ 17.50



Mediterranean Tomato soup
with mozzarella and ciabatta

€ 4.90

Russian soup with lemon and sour cream, ciabatta

€ 4.90

Boiled goulash
with bread

5,50 €

Potato Wedges
With herbal dip

€ 5.50

Starters and Salads

chopped up pieces of pork meat, melted cheese, ciabatta

€ 6.20

Strammer Max
Slice of bread with butter,diced ham and two frieds eggs sunny side up

€ 7.20

Salad Dish
Several  fresh salads, home made dressing und ciabatta

€ 9.50

- half portion

€ 6.50

Salad Dish "Ohne Bedenken"
Fried potatoes, surrounded by fresh salad and 2 fried eggs sunny side up

€ 10.90

Salad Dish with Feta Cheese and Olives
Fresh salad, hot peppers, red onions, with ciabatta

€ 10.90

Salad Dish with chicken breast
Fresh salad, herbal dressing, with ciabatta

€ 11.90

Vegetarian Dishes

Baked Feta cheese
With tomato sauce and olives, ciabatta

€ 10.50

Roasted mediterranean Bread-Vegetables
Roasted white bread cubes with roasted fresh mediterranean vegetables and ruccola, with grated hard cheese on top

€ 10.50

Tomato mozzarella
on Ruccola with basil pesto & tomato vinegar, ciabatta

€ 10.90


Fried Turkey Liver
with onions and mashed potatoes, salad side dish (A,D,G,I) 

€ 11.90

Main courses

Fried chicken breast
in mushroom cream on ribbon noodles with parmesan cheese (4,5,A,B,D,G,I) 

€ 14.50

Chicken breast "Milanese"
(in parmesan coat fried), on tomatoe sauce with lemon-risotto (4,5,A,D,I)

€ 14.50

Beef roll
with red cabbage and potato dumplings (4,5,A,D,E,G,I,L) 

€ 14.90

Wild goulash
with brussels sprouts and pretzel dumpling slices (A,D,E,G,I,L)

€ 14.90

Pork steak "strindberg" (in onion- mustard-egg fried)
with potato wedges and dip, salad dish (A,D,E,G,I,L)

€ 15.90

"Gose Summit" (breaded pork)
with baking camembert and pineapple "piled" , frensh fries and saled side dish (A,D,E,G,I,L)

€ 15.50

Filet of pike perch
on market vegetables with potato mash (B,D,L,I)

€ 16.50

Breaded veal steak  ( cutlet )
with french fries and salad side dish (A,D,E,H,I,K)

€ 17.90


“Quarkkeulchen” (fried mixture of potatoes and curd)
with apple sauce and whipped cream (A,D,I,K)

€ 6.00

"Hot Love"
vanilla ice, hot raspberries & whipping cream (A,D,H,I,K,M)

€ 6.00

Nut sundae
with vanilla & strawberry ice cream, whipped cream (A,D,H,I,K,M)

€ 6.00

Kids Menu


1 with dye ; 2=with preservatives; 3=with antioxidatives; 4=with phosphate